Creating the Backlinks That Matter

Although, back-linking is the most important aspect of SEO, it’s widely misunderstood one. It doesn’t mean that marketers do not pay attention to linking. They rather do not care about a sensible approach that can really make the backlinks valuable. What most of the SEOs do is concentrating on creating the bulk of backlinks without caring about the relativity of content with the linking websites.

According to Jessica Thiele, who is marketing manager at Virtual Logistics, “Inbound links are extremely important. They’re part of the social cues algorithm that Google uses to help determine the relevancy of links it provides in any Google search. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to be genuine in their link building efforts. This, of course, takes a lot more effort compared to just paying some black hat SEO 'expert' to 'work their magic.' But the payoffs are long-lasting and positive, as opposed to risking being blacklisted by Google where your website won’t even show up in search.”

So, what can be the real solution in this regard? Well, it starts with acknowledging the true role of a backlink. Backlinks, in the past, were considered to be the hyperlinks that would be placed in any type of content. Although, it was easy, it never meant to entertain the users. Now, the scenario has been changed to great extent. You cannot expect results after linking your site with another having no contextual association with your website.

Attorney James Goodnow of Fennemore Craig says, “The rules of the game have changed. If you think you can rocket to the top of Google by paying a ‘tech geek’ who can outsmart Google by building a backlink profile that will rocket you to the top, you are flat wrong.”

Goodnow also describes different steps regarding creating natural backlinks.
  • Laying good foundation is the key to get better results from almost every marketing campaign. With that said, you cannot expect your business to grow solely based on backlinks if you have not done the basic things to make a good launching ground for your business. With these tasks done, you will be able to create high quality content that will surely give your links a boost.
  • When it comes to content, make sure that it includes everything that describes your business with complete comprehension. You can write articles, make videos and add helpful images to make your overall post the informative one.
  • Working on free sources of backlinks, the ones that are rarely moderated, doesn’t do any good to your content or website. With that said, you will need to make sure that you are concentrating on better backlink resources. Highly moderated forums and guest post platforms are the most considerable options. Moreover, good backlinking would also require you to be a little innovative in your marketing approach. For instance, you can contact the businesses in your niche and discuss matters about common interest. You can show each other’s links while making sure that every link is placed in its contextual area.