Creating the Backlinks That Matter

Although, back-linking is the most important aspect of SEO, it’s widely misunderstood one. It doesn’t mean that marketers do not pay attention to linking. They rather do not care about a sensible approach that can really make the backlinks valuable. What most of the SEOs do is concentrating on creating the bulk of backlinks without caring about the relativity of content with the linking websites.
According to Jessica Thiele, who is marketing manager at Virtual Logistics, “Inbound links are extremely important. They’re part of the social cues algorithm that Google uses to help determine the relevancy of links it provides in any Google search. That’s why it’s so important for businesses to be genuine in their link building efforts. This, of course, takes a lot more effort compared to just paying some black hat SEO 'expert' to 'work their magic.' But the payoffs are long-lasting and positive, as opposed to risking being blacklisted by Google where your website won’t even…